Neev 95 is formed to provide non-partisan educational opportunities to underpriviledged children in the society while taking care of their development, health, attitude and values.
Neev 95 is registered under The Public Trusts Act of 1950 (Reg. No. E-10576).Our Team comprises Class of 1995 students of Navodaya English High School who truly believe every child deserves a better future. To make this possible, we have come together to give children quality education and ensure they grow up to become healthy independent individuals.

Our Mission

Education is essential to a child's development.We intend to work towards making formal education a reality for the children who otherwise are deprived of it & encourage people to join our mission.

Our Vision

We envision a community that recognize the importance of educational attainment and ensure positive educational outcomes for underprivileged children in the society.

Our Objectives

  • Enrollment of kids in schools
  • Special Study Classes
  • Develop Reading Culture
  • Students Health
  • Character development of children

What We Do

Quality education to underpriviledged children

We provide short courses to students and also examine them through oral, written tests and quizzes

Health checkups for school children

We maintain health records and follow up with parents of all kids showing any adverse health findings in their report

Board Of Trustees as of 21 August 2017

  • President - Mr. Jogesh Gangadharan
  • Vice President - Mr. Sagar Naik
  • Secretary - Mrs Chhaya S Rao
  • Treasurer - Mrs Veena Gawade
  • Trustee - Mr Rakesh Ambekar
  • Trustee - Mrs Mallika Rao
  • Trustee - Mr Sachin Sawant
  • Trustee - Mr Amit Singh
  • Trustee - Mr Vishal Chavan

Board Of Advisors

  • Mr Jashwant Panchal
  • Dr Mrs Jayshree Mhatre
  • Mr Kaushik Soni
  • Mr Prakash Salian